The Ministry of Manpower has introduced significant changes to labour legislations in recent years. These changes mainly focus on employment standards and benefits, moderating the growth of foreign manpower, enhancing productivity and more importantly, ensuring that Singaporeans remain the core of our workforce.

Besides having a profound impact on the continued employment and management of people in various business sectors / industries, these changes also inevitably affect companies' profit margins.

Our speaker, JANARTHANAN SELVARAJOO, is currently a HR Chief Consultant in private practice. He had spent eleven years in the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and his diverse portfolio includes that of Assistant Commissioner for Labour, Head of Labour Court, Director of Employment Inspectorate, and Deputy Controller of Work Permit.

Find out how employers can STAY COMPETITIVE AND COMPLIANT with employment law updates at the same time.


Course Obectives

  • Understanding key changes in the employment law and its immediate impact on people management and business.
  • Identifying key areas of concern for implementing change in compliance to the Employment Act and Foreign Manpower Act.
  • Establishing revised manpower polices and strategies in recruitment, employment and management.
  • Developing self regulatory measures to ensure continued legislative compliance.
  • Maintaining fair employment practices.

Day 1

Implications for businesses regarding updates/changes to the Employment Act

  • Revision of Part IV of EA
  • Enhanced coverage of non-workmen and PMEs
  • Managing termination & dismissal of employees
  • Retrenchment & Retirement benefits
  • Payment, Deductions & Payslips
  • Flexible arrangement for employers
  • Maintenance of Employment records

Day 2

Implications for businesses regarding updates/changes to the Foreign Manpower Act

  • Understanding the changes to the Foreign Manpower Act
  • Foreign Manpower policy considerations
  • Work Pass policy updates
  • Debarment policy
  • Employer housing standards and responsibilities
  • Understanding the Work Pass quota system
  • Statues & regulations relevant to foreign manpower management
  • Necessary knowledge for compliance
  • Implications for non-compliance


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