Does your company pay for performance? Can your employees relate their pay to their performance? Is the concept of pay for performance an ideology or is it really workable to have a system of performance evaluation to capture an employee's contribution and directly impact employee compensation?

In this workshop, we will uncover the 3 keys to a sustainable performance management system that could help you pay your employees right for their professional worth and contribution.

Our speaker, JANELLE TAN, has close to 15 years of HR advisory experience in both local and blue chip U.S. MNCs across varied industries from high tech semiconductor to accounting services to banking and finance. She has spearheaded initiatives that enabled clearer employer-employee communications, as well as employee-initiated career management pathways for high performing individuals.


Course Outline

1. Evaluating Employee Performance

  • The truths about performance management
  • Mindsets needed for pay for performance culture
  • Identifying and monitoring what matters for your organisation
  • Beyond facts and figures, timelines and achievements


2. Relaying the Message

  • What makes a robust performance management system
  • Communicating for practical implementation
  • Handling coaching conversations and difficult messages


3. Paying Right

  • Ways to determine if you are paying employees right
  • How to effectively present salary and bonus proposals
  • Packaging the total compensation and reward structure to employees


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Course Duration

9am - 6pm


8 Wilkie Road
#07-00, Wilkie Edge
Singapore 228095

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